I look upon fine phrases as a lover – John Keats

WritingRedux celebrates bright writing, enriching human exchange through fresh injections of original phrasing and overlooked gems. And if this helps flush plodding prose and general drivel out of the linguistic gene pool, so much the better.

It also shares the sensory pleasures of books and paper, pens and fonts, illustration and graphic design, together with the places and spaces that lend themselves to reading and writing.

Below is a taste of the delights that WritingRedux brings you – a reservoir of sparkling writing to draw on – please do sign up for regular, refreshing dips into word-treasures and the adventures of a reader-writer.

Hope to see you here often.

I can’t live without Writing Redux any more! Congratulations! It is so amazing and unique and the only problem I have with it is that once I visit, I want to stay for the next 5 hours.  

It is unlike anything I have ever seen. Surprising, fun, tasteful and boy, the combination of your take on texts and words and the material you share with us makes it simply addictive. Thank you so much!

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writing – noun: 1) the activity or skill of writing; a sequence of letters, words, or symbols marked on a surface  2) the activity or occupation of composing text for publication; written work, especially with regard to its style or quality.

redux – adjective: brought back, revived, resurgent.

Source: Oxford Dictionary of English

Bringing you quotations gathered during decades of attentive reading.

A quote to note

Drawing on over 3000 sparkling, moving and inspiring quotations amassed during decades of attentive reading, to delight the mind and spirit, and incidentally improve the world’s Powerpoint presentations beyond belief.

Highlighting some overlooked gems of metaphor and simile.

Metaphorically speaking

Metaphors and similes are an imaginative galaxy which greater minds than mine have explored.

That doesn’t stop me gathering dazzling and original examples to enrich the common stock and enliven human exchange.

Pithy, evocative, three-legged phrases.


One day I started noticing ‘triologisms’, three-legged microcosms of meaning. Having spotted their evocative pithiness, I went from obliviousness to mild obsession in one revelatory step. Perhaps one day I will write an epic poem in this form, rivaling China’s millennia-old Three Character Classic.

A selection of appealing or intriguing words.

Put in a good word

Sharing words that sparkle, appeal, intrigue or otherwise grab me, including those in other languages.

Books chosen for being outstanding whether or not they are bestsellers.


In praise of books which have ‘gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind’ (Emily Bronte). ‘Bestellar’ unhitches the quality of a book from the quantity sold, since the correlation isn’t always obvious.

Reviews of books and other literary things.

Review for you

Reviewing a few of the wonderful books that have crossed my path and enlightened or enchanted me.

A selection of fine poems and writing about poetry.

Poetry mojo

To me poetry is a distillation of life – whether in the grand sweep or in its small moments – painted and sculpted in words. It connects me to other people, places and times, stripping away the ephemera of surface difference to reveal what it is to be human; embracing both the joy and the striving of it. Sharing poems, quotations, ideas and books that have delighted or edified me.

Keeping alive the joy and the art of letter writing.

You've got mail

Letters can bring other people, places and times to life with immediacy and feeling.   After thousands of years of correspondence we may be witnessing the eclipse of this public and personal means of exchange. Yet given how many people apparently love receiving ‘real’ post, let’s renew the desire to send, as well as receive, letters and cards.

Helping other neophyte bloggers learn faster and better.

Blogophyte bulletin

Writing is one thing, designing and setting up websites another.   As a new-minted ‘blogophyte’ with bucketloads still to learn, this bulletin aims to help others tap into the breathtaking opportunity the internet gives to people passionate about sharing something, minus mistakes.

A celebration of graphic design and illustration in books.

Judging by the cover

I admit it, I buy books for their covers as well as their content, and for the illustrations that interleaf their writing.  Look forward to sharing an eclectic selection, old and new.

Celebrating one of the world's most tactile, fragile and yet enduring materials.

Paper shaper

The internet brings powerful, liberating tools, but paper remains one of the world’s great materials: tactile and fragile yet enduring, capturing and conveying information and ideas, culture and emotion, across centuries and continents.

The best places to write and read - cafés, libraries, parks ...

Places & spaces

Libraries and bookshops, tea and coffee houses, park benches and grassy banks, all key to reading and writing and part of our cultural infrastructure.

Bringing you reviews of places and spaces that are a joy for readers and writers, or at least this reader-writer.

Getting to know printers and publishers.

Print & publish

Having heard that books are dying out, I have noticed a swathe of new, small publishers producing exquisite books. What drives them to it? And what about the people behind the scenes, still printing paper-bound beauty?  Look forward to getting to know them better.

The best pens and related things.

Think ink

Roving around pens and the ancient and allegedly dying art of hand-writing, with a view to penning a happy ending, a penaissance even.

You heard it here.

Celebrating fine fonts and typography.

Just my type

Many of us react strongly to fonts and typography, even unconsciously.   It amazes me how much cultural and historical meaning can be packed into a serif or a sans serif, micron differences creating time and space travel machines, instantly transporting you to 1920s Chicago or 1950s China.  Or a flowery meadow in midsummer Sweden.


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