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Writingredux.com is not my first website – www.beatriceotto.com was created to have a presence online that looks more or less professional without being as visually bland as a LinkedIn profile.

So why ‘Project 001’?   Because it is the first personally fulfilling online project I have worked on, and because there are others in the pipeline.   ‘Double-oh’ creates a wide open sense of possibility, allowing the scope to expand to 999 projects.  And of course, if I make it past half a dozen, I will be able to launch the seventh project with glamour borrowed from my fictive countryman, 007.

Thank you for visiting, and look forward to seeing you here often. And when Project 002 emerges, I hope you will visit that too.

So who’s behind all this?   About Beatrice …

On my desk I have one of those enamel badges that remind Brits of St Trinian’s.  They were used to recognise clever clogs or goody-two-shoes who made it to the rank of ‘prefect’ or class ‘captain’, allowing them an early taste of leadership.  This badge has a yellow background and gold lettering that says ‘writer’.  I bought it to encourage myself but haven’t yet had the gall to wear it, and if I did, would assure anyone who commented that it was aspirational.   Yet, yet, I have always loved reading and writing, and somewhere along the line managed to end up as an ‘award-winning author’.

As a child, I enjoyed the illusion of being able to read before I really could – I remember being three or four and reading picture books.   Whether I actually read them, or simply scanned over the text assuming it said what I thought the story said, I have no idea. Later I learned to write at school and at home, where my elder brother taught me to trace letters the way he had been taught in Switzerland.  My handwriting became a more curlicued and chaotic version of his exquisitely even, elegant hand.   One of my proudest moments was being among the first in the class to graduate from a pencil to a biro.  The biro was made of buttercup yellow plastic, tapering to a stylish point at the top.

The love of books has always been there, passed on practically and perhaps genetically by our mother and grandfather.   I still have the books they gave me, and a sharp recall of my mother’s comments: that she had loved The Pied Piper of Hamlyn and Milly-Molly-Mandy when she was a girl.  My grandfather made no allowances for a child’s age: he gave his daughter Virgil when she was six and gave me a red leather-bound Palgrave’s Golden Treasury of poetry when I wasn’t much older.   I have yet to live up to his expectations but am having a blast trying.

Please follow on:

And what, exactly, have you done with your life?

2006-2014 – World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Switzerland


The WBCSD is a CEO-led coalition of some 200 global companies working to advance an ambitious sustainable development agenda. As Director Member Relations I managed the organization’s relationships with member companies and hundreds of potential members from 20+ sectors and over 35 countries, recruiting new members, and developing and delivering the member engagement, retention and recruitment strategy.

2003-2005 – China - EU-China Environmental Cooperation Programme


Working to integrate sustainability into Chinese business management for a major EU-China government cooperation programme, bringing sustainable business concepts to life, including piloting a CEO Sustainable Business Network and senior executive seminars, designed and delivered in Chinese.  A chance to get back to China for a while…

1995-2005 – London - independent consultant on sustainable design, innovation & business


Working for a variety of clients, principally the UK’s Design Council, on projects related to sustainable design, innovation and business, with client reactions ranging from ‘a joy to read’ to ‘I wouldn’t change a word of it’.

1989-1995 – East Asian Studies Department, University of Edinburgh, living in a library writing a book…


Five glorious years spent researching and writing Fools Are Everywhere: The court jester around the world, under the benign and brilliant guidance of a polymath sinologist, Bill Dolby.  The most comprehensive and only global study in its field, it was published to broad critical acclaim (University of Chicago Press) and won the American Association of Publishers’ award for outstanding book of the year in its class. Presentations and interviews include: Australian National Radio, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, Appledore Book Festival, Hanken School of Economics and others. Always happy to give talks on this death-defying and humanizing character.

I also lectured on Taiwan and history of technology in China and was voted the best and liveliest lecturer.   To earn extra cash, I spent a month a year as Chinese interpreter and chaperone for Miss and Mr. World.  For most of my time in Edinburgh I lived in The Vaults in the port of Leith, a 14th century building that was the oldest in Scotland in continuous commercial use, still housing the Scottish Malt Whisky Society.   My landlord was a naval officer who became a great friend and who was so generous he told me to stop paying rent when my money ran out before I’d finished writing.

1986-1989 – Taiwan – working, studying, and living in Purple Cloud Street in the hills above Taipei.


Institute of International Relations – edited international conference papers and speeches for Prime Minister and others to foster quasi-diplomatic relations.  This was a blissful job, with an office looking onto a bamboo grove among wooded hills full of temples.

Hsueh’s Enterprise – helped establish the import branch of a Taiwanese trading company, finding international agents and researching products suitable for import to Taiwan, operating in a Chinese language context.  My boss was a character, roaring to the office on a smoke-cloud of a motorbike.

Commercial Trademark Services – wrote reports on investigations into copyright infringements for use as evidence in court – praised by prosecuting lawyers for clarity and wit (‘I just wish I could bill my clients for laughing time’).

Sinorama and Tri-Services Hospital – translated articles for Sinorama (a Taiwan international showcase) and medical research papers.

1981-1986 - Department of East Asian Studies, University of Leeds and Fudan University, Shanghai


BA Hons in Modern Chinese and Mongolian, with a year in Fudan University, Shanghai; one of the best years of my life. This was followed by a British Council Postgraduate Scholarship to spend another year in Shanghai studying classical Chinese literature and philosophy and swanning around that vibrant city on a Phoenix bicycle, spending most evenings in the jazz bar of the Peace Hotel.   I practically lived off their apple pie.


  1. lutgart dusar

    Dear Beatrice
    We are about to leave for a 2 month catamaran experience in the Carribean Sea. We (4 passengers, skipper & wife) love to read untangled from earthy besognes. What delightful books, novels, readings you should take on a trip like this?
    How to download writing redux.com on Ipad Air (to read offlne)

    • beatriceotto

      Dear Lutgart,

      Many thanks for the chance to suggest a few books. I’d propose: The Paper Garden (Molly Peacock), biography of a woman who knew how to live no matter what; The Outermost House (Henry Beston) about a year living on a remote northern beach; As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning (Laurie Lee) about walking across Spain; A Time to Keep Silence (Patrick Leigh Fermor) about taking time out to be in a quiet place; Sea Room (Adam Nicolson) – about place and memory through the lens of a remote Scottish island; The Breaking Hour (Kevin Crossley-Holland), a slim volume of poems appreciating life’s moments and details; Christ Stopped at Eboli (Carlo Levi) about a year of internal exile in a remote Italian village, or his Fleeting Rome, wonderful vignettes about Rome in the 1950s.

      Have a wonderful catamaran trip and let me know what you end up reading. Love and best, Beatrice

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