An author whose bright writing I cheer and revere made this kind comment about He also handed me a new and sparkling set of Key Penmanship Indicators: does it twinkle, sharpen, educate and entrance?

If applied to most reports, websites or press releases, how much would be left? Probably a decent amount could wriggle past ‘educate’, but the twinkle, sharpen and entrance filters?

‘… twinklingly-sharpeningly-educatively-entrancingly bright…’

For other Key Penmanship Indicators see the following inspired by quotations of Henry WilliamsonMolly PeacockHarold Bloom, Anthony Burgess.  And similarly, a Key Performance Indicator that could be applied as much to writing as to any other art, a response to Palladio’s Teatro Olimpico.

See also bestellar reviews of Nicolson’s The Mighty Dead: Why Homer Matters and Sea Room, complete with a mosaic of quotations and metaphors.


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