Of course, it’s just a number, but a nice round one that adds another digit to the days since WritingRedux was launched. 

A chance to thank readers and subscribers who continue to visit in steadily growing numbers. Please feel free to send any comments or ideas, or just let me know a few of your favourite quotations or metaphors whether or not featured on WritingRedux.  And of course, any pieces you have particularly enjoyed on your dips into the website.

Here are some earlier reflections on website design and writing, pondered when we crossed the ‘1000 post’ mark.  

One of the fun things about throwing quotations, reviews and other literary delights ‘out there’, is to see which ones get picked up the most in the lottery of online searches.  Here are the most popular in terms of number of views:

Book reviews: the double-whammy review of two books on Armenia, both by Russians: Vasily Grossman and Osip Mandelstam. Perhaps people feel they get more value for money with the two-in-one package?

Quotations: ‘That grand old poem called Winter’

Metaphors: ‘As attentive as a heron’, a line from a poem by Kevin Crossley-Holland.

Triologisms: ‘sponge-bag trousers’, possibly people actively search for this term because, like me, they don’t come from the English upper class stratum that would make it naturally familiar to them.  Plebeians of the world, unite!

Words: ‘seax’ – either there’s a lot more interest in Anglo-Saxon weaponry than one would expect, or people are simply mis-typing a similar word that’s less likely to appear on this family-friendly site. Hope they aren’t disappointed to learn about an ancient single-edged dagger instead. 

Again, thank you kind readers for being there and look forward to your visits over the next 1000 days. 



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