The image by Lisa Janecek captures the messiness of beginnings perfectly.

I’ve been writing since I knew how, and before that my mother noted down stories I told sitting on her bed.   For my tenth birthday she bought me a big A4 hardback book nearly an inch thick, and told me to capture things before I forgot them.

Decades on, getting to grips with the architectonics of designing and operating websites and blogs has been both messy and fun.   A curious mix of grasping their potential and grappling with some of the protocols and structures (or strictures) of blogging when they fail to organize content the way I would like.

To help others learn faster and less messily, I will occasionally post ‘blogophyte bulletins’, sharing tools and materials I’ve found helpful, and the lessons learned through experimentation and undoubted error.

Yes, that’s me, Beatrice the Blogophyte.

Image copyright: Lisa Janecek, Perfect Additions,

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