Yes, a book in the baking, a launch loaf!   WritingRedux was launched on the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare and Cervantes, the Diada de San Jordi in Spain, when ladies give books to men and men give roses to ladies.  We celebrated with twenty-three friends, a feast, champagne and toasts, and loaves of bread baked to look like closed and open books with ‘’ and the launch date as titles.

The winner and runner up of the pre-launch competition were announced.  The winner deduced two out of the three reasons we chose 23 April, and delivered her response in puns echoing Shakespeare.   And she’s French – how many Anglo-Saxons could pun in French echoing Molière?   The runner up was a native speaker with only one correct response compensated for by rhyming quatrains and chutzpah: having exceeded the stated word limit of 23 words by exactly 23 more words, she demanded extra points for her skill.

A lovely day.  Thank you to all who participated so warmheartedly.

Loaf of bread baked like a closed book featuring the date of the launch of
Launch loaf! Bread baked to look like an open book with ribbon book marker


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