Yes, I did a spring cleaning that included washing the tops of the kitchen cupboards. For this I deserve a medal. But I confess I haven’t got around to the windows. It keeps raining and what’s the point if your smear-free sparkle is going to be rain-spattered in 24 hours?

But I don’t wear guilt well and so was reassured by these quotations putting spring cleaning in perspective.  First, the charms of leaving a house be, and second, the distressing aftermath of burglars breaking into a house-boat.   Feel better?

‘It was a glorious house. It had not been spring-cleaned for years.’

‘But they’d emptied all the lockers on the floor and pulled everything in the boat to pieces. Worse than a spring cleaning, he said it was.’

Sources: Elizabeth Goudge, The Runaways (London: Hesperus Press, 2013), p. 35; Arthur Ransome, Swallows and Amazons (London: Vintage, 2015 (1930)), p. 370


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