One of the foundation stones of building a new website is the choice of fonts.  As with colour selection, I look for a double whammy: a font (or colour) that has the visual impact echoing the character of the site, and a name to match.  Choosing for meaningful names also has the advantage of narrowing an otherwise bewildering choice. 

For a recently launched companion site to this one, focusing on a joyous equation (love of life shared = love of life squared), I chose a spectrum of merry orange and four fonts:

Ubuntu – a sans serif typeface full of meaning and easy on the eye for longer stretches of text such as blog posts.

Merriweather – a cheerful sounding serif for quotation boxes.

Spirit of Dance – as the name suggests, a dancing script which I use for header text.  Then, finding it less easy to read for longer chunks of text, I was delighted to find another script which stands out from the crowd, has a certain bold and sweeping brush stroke to it which reminds me of Chinese calligraphy, AND is easy to read for quotations, the splendid…

Wild Pen by Corradine Fonts

For more examples, see: or nuannaarpoq on Pinterest.  And then sign up for more…

Source: Wild Pen and Spirit of Dance are both available for sale on


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