Today is Shakespeare’s birthday & ours! The WritingRedux literary ink-fest is 4 years old with 2000+ dazzling illustrated quotes, reviews and other bright writing delights. Sign up for regular mind-feast despatches to hone your wits and lift your spirits. 

It’s also Sant Jordi’s Day (‘Book Day’) so why not send a book you love to a person you love, donate to a reading programme or go the whole hog and endow a library. Long live literary largesse!

And then dive into the latest, enjoy some fresh ink bursts on our Quotes and Metaphors pages, and splash about in newly published pages, including:

Print & publish – examples and experiences of those lasting, beautiful, timeless, portable, wireless, physical objects called ‘books’, touching on their ownership, production, sale, theft and loss.

You’ve got mail – letters are a tactile written communication traversing centuries and continents, bringing other people, places and times to life with immediacy and personality. Here we celebrate this ancient form of exchange in the hope of inspiring you to keep it alive.

Judging by the cover – I admit it, I buy books for their covers and pictures as well as their content – sharing an eclectic selection of cover design and book illustration, old and new.

Stay well, be happy and keep reading. And drop me a line, always glad to hear from you.


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