Part of the fun of designing a website is choosing the colours.  I use where people create and name their own colours – it lets you search by picking a section of the spectrum (yellow-orange for example), and providing some key words.  It then conjures up dozens of subtly varying hues in your colour range featuring the words you’ve chosen.

Throughout this and other sites, I have therefore aligned colours verbally as well as visually, matching the name to the purpose of the site or page.

Is any of this necessary?  No, but yes.  (Is dancing necessary?  No, but yes.)  I have never seen it done anywhere on the internet or in the real world, though it seems to me obvious.  I do it because at a subtle level I believe it reinforces coherence and draws attention to the power of colour in affecting our spirit, something we underestimate to our cost.

You will see colours credited in the footer of each page, but I thought you might like to see some of the beautiful names in a mosaic of orange created for, not to mention the rather inventive user names of the hue makers:

  • About – Be Happy by Any Palacios
  • Blog – Shared Joy by Colourplay and Blog-Orange by
  • Welcome – Warm Welcome by Quete 80

And, coming soon:

  • Gallery – Joy by Peony
  • Manifesto – 2make A Human Happy by Ziada

The background orange for the main nuannaarpoq quotation on the site is Alive by Infinite Abyss.  The spectrum of orange for the main categories of has similarly reinforcing names:

  • Authenticity – Authentic by Skyblue2u
  • Beauty – Breathtaking by Joy_of_Summer
  • Colour – Colour Joy by Kaycee
  • Creativity – Creative Energy by Angelafaye
  • Discovery – A Child’s Discovery by Angelafaye
  • Enchantment – Enchanted Orange by Pauline Jones
  • Exuberance – Orange Alive by Pr3vje
  • Flourishing – Flourishing by Dreamagent2
  • Freedom – Freedom Hellhound by Impossible
  • Happiness – Joy Joy by Undergroundrailway
  • Humour – Shared Laughter by Liebling
  • Imagination – Imagine by Onebreath
  • Innocence – Innocent by Chi
  • Kindness – Human Kindness by Sunmeadow
  • Memory – Warm Memories by Noralong
  • Moments – Joy to the World by Plch
  • Sharing – Love is Warm by Into_thesea
  • Resilience – Resilience by Cardgazer
  • Sleep – Sleep by Akshita_Pundir
  • Slowness – Slow Roasted Peaches by Jen_savage
  • Time – Sunny Time by Dei!


How’s that?  Hope it colours your world with warmth!  See also the related business of font-finding.

PS   If you are a colour nerd, you can find the hex codes for all of these on


Photo credits: Annie Spratt at – a favourite unsplash photographer; and Brandon Couch also at unsplash.


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