Ever in quest of dream libraries, I was delighted to discover this National Trust article on their collections and libraries, including this photo of the library at Tyntesfield in North Somerset.  

Look at that vaulting roof, inviting you to gaze up and have resplendent insights and ideas!  Look at that sofa, enticing you to flop in front of the fire reading Dickens! 

Do they offer library days, I wonder, when you can arrive in the morning and read and write all day until closing time?  Or biblio-fests? 

Dear National Trust, if you would like to host a bibliofest at Tyntesfield, I will gladly do a talk or a reading or some such.  Meanwhile, it’s my birthday soon, and I’ll be near you, so I may just pitch up with the family. 

Photo credit: National Trust

Photo - National Trust - Tyntesfield library


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