Dear Kind Reader,

Firstly, happy St Jordi’s Day, the Valentine’s Day of booklovers.   And this year, the 23 April lands on a Saturday so you can dedicate the whole weekend to celebrating books and even following the St Jordi’s Day tradition of making a gift of one.   

For my part, a chance to thank you, the readers of WritingRedux, for continuing to open posts, share them, like them and generally give me a sense that people ‘out there’ are enjoying the site and the treasures I want to share.   The number of visits and views has been steadily climbing and what once took 4-5 months now clocks up in a few weeks.  

Please keep visiting WritingRedux, and feel free to get in touch now and then, such as sending me a few words about a favourite book or quotation.  

Happy reading and here’s to books and to St. Jordi!  You may also like a related post on books and being six years old.  



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