We visited the Palladio Museum in a suitable palazzo down a charming side street in Vicenza. Only by chance on our way out, we peeked around the corner of the courtyard and ventured into the tucked away library.

Expecting a haughty enquiry into our qualifications for entry, we were instead welcomed by its kind and enthusiastic custodian, the librarian Daniela Tovo. The library houses all things Palladian and related, and we enjoyed browsing his Quatro Libri in various languages.

The room was originally the stables of the palazzo, clearly built for thoroughbreds judging by the hefty rosy marble drinking troughs carved into the walls.  I was delighted to see these have been perfectly adapted to the library’s present use – containing books.

Thank you Daniela for making us feel so welcome and for the conversation we enjoyed.

See two Palladio inspired quotations from an earlier visit to the nearby Teatro Olimpico, the second of which stands as worthwhile key performance indicators for any creative act.


Palladio Museum and Library - image of first Palladio course in 1959 - Vicenza Italy
Palladio Museum Library - book shelf - Vicenza Italy


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