Dear Kind Readers,

When we launched WritingRedux on Shakespeare’s and Cervantes’ birthday five years ago, we had the freedom to eat, drink and be merry with a group of friends, and could even hand out ink-splattered gift bags. 

Now, despite these more socially distanced times, let me send you whole-hearted thanks for your continuing support.  Every time you click on a link, enjoy or share a quote, review, metaphor, podcast or even a triologism or two, you give me an added reason to keep going. 

So here we are, nearly 2,500 posts later, and two dozen book reviews which one writer described as ‘an author’s apotheosis’.  I made an early editorial decision to only feature books which have moved, entranced or otherwise delighted and grabbed me, creating my own ‘bestellar list’.   I also wanted the site to be as visually beautiful as possible, and for each quotation to be illustrated to bring out its qualities.  

In the coming months, I will be presenting quotations by theme, and will also launch a couple of new projects, all with a view to celebrating bright writing and the joys of reading.  

Wherever you are, please celebrate, be it by raising a glass, eating an ice-cream, posting a comment in reaction to something on the site or just to drop me a note.

And if you haven’t already signed up to the WritingRedux mailing list, please feel free to do so on the right, or to follow the newly created WritingRedux Twitter feed. 

Again, warm thanks, and please keep reading.  

WritingRedux thank you kind readers


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