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Writing Redux will capture the joys of language, writing and reading, enriching human exchange through a fresh injection of original phrasing and overlooked gems.  It will also celebrate the sensory pleasures of books and paper, pens and fonts, illustration and graphic design, together with the places and spaces that lend themselves to reading and writing.

A reservoir of fine writing to draw on – please do visit when we launch and sign up for a regular, refreshing dip into word-treasures and the adventures of a reader-writer.

In the meantime, if the sheer excitement and suspense is keeping you awake at night, then enter the competition below…

Writing Redux will launch on 23 April 2016, force majeur permitting.

As part of the worldwide celebrations, we would like to run a modest competition.  The winner and runner up will be selected based on objective criteria such as giving the right answer to the question, and entirely subjective non-negotiable elements such as an assessment of their wit and sparkle.

There will be two prizes, one for the winner and one for a runner up.

The prizes include something to read in the form of a book of your choice from those reviewed on this site, and something to write, such as a pen, a writing case or similar, at the discretion of the judge(s).  Both prizes have little cash value so you are doing this purely for fun.

The winner and runner up may be named on this site if they choose, basking in public glory, or they may opt to wallow in obscurity.

There are three reasons for choosing 23 April to launch Writing Redux.

The aim of the game is to guess or deduce all three reasons and to send your responses, pithily and wittily, by email to ottobeatrice(at)hotmail(dot)com before 00.00 hours (Central European Time) on 23rd April.

That means by midnight (Geneva, Switzerland) on 22nd April 2016!

Thank you for entering this competition! To qualify, please abide by the following rules:

One – deadline is the stroke of midnight (Central European Time) on 22nd April 2016.

Two – responses should be in 23 words or fewer, witty and sparkling. Brownie points added for rhymes that scan decently.

Three – you must provide a valid email address otherwise we won’t be able to contact you if you win.

Four – the judge’s decision is final – this is meant to be a light-hearted competition and we trust you to enter into the spirit of it.

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