Another example of Logue’s easy use of contemporary images to bring us up close and personal to the battle beach of Troy. Yesterday, standing in a shop waiting to be served, I noticed that one of the shop staff stood behind her computer with a NO ENTRY sign face to deter me or any other customer from actually asking for help.  It worked, we left her in peace.

See also the bestellar reviews, complete with rich quote-mosaics, of Adam Nicolson’s magnificent Why Homer Matters and Logue’s War Musica muscular rendition of several books of the Iliad. 


‘With faces like NO ENTRY signs they hurried through the clouds.’


Source: Christopher Logue, War Music: An account of Books 1-4 and 16-19 of Homer’s Iliad, London: Faber and Faber, 2001, p. 98


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