A beautiful simile for impartiality, like a sunbeam, shining equally on all that fall within its light. Like many of the refreshing similes I have featured on this site, I hope that they might add to the stock in common usage. Go on, next time you refer to impartiality, try using this, for example, “Justice, of course, should be as impartial as a sunbeam.”

See also the bestellar reviews, complete with rich quote-mosaics, of Adam Nicolson’s magnificent Why Homer Matters and Logue’s War Musica muscular rendition of several books of the Iliad. 


‘Impartial as a sunbeam, her regard.’


Source: Christopher Logue, War Music: An account of Books 1-4 and 16-19 of Homer’s Iliad, London: Faber and Faber, 2001, p. 127


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