A marvelous image for human destinies, usually well hidden no matter the efforts we make to discern them. Since this engaging classic revolves around a mill – and a related family – on the River Floss, the watery metaphor has particular resonance, and all the more so given the direction in which the story ultimately flows.

Maggie is a splendid person and her destiny proves unexpected and, in its way, also splendid.

There, say no more, and hope instead that you may wish to dip in and read it for yourself.

‘Maggie’s destiny, then, is at present hidden, and we must wait for it to reveal itself like the course of an unmapped river; we only know that the river is full and rapid, and that for all rivers there is the same final home.’


Source: George Eliot, The Mill on the Floss (London: Oxford University Press, 1963), p. 427

Photo credit: Free-Photos at pixabay


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