Dali is the younger of Hungarian aristocratic twins, and here is an early encounter with the beautiful, elusive Russian who would become his wife. He pursues her, falcon-like to her fleeing dove.

A glorious Hungarian historical novel – first of a trilogy – spanning the century from the Congress of Vienna in 1815 to the eve of the First World War. Dali is the most admirable and loveable of the two brothers, and the more Hungarian. The elder of the two was given priority treatment in being brought up in Vienna, with second fiddle Dali having a Hungarian upbringing. Curious hedging of bets on two sides of a dual monarchy.

‘And she flew away. Dali flew in pursuit like a falcon after a fleeing dove.’


Source: Lajos Zilahy, Century in Scarlet (London: Prion, 2001), p. 112

Photo credit: Janson_G at pixabay

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  1. Gwen Simmons

    Beautiful. I truly enjoy your writings and the illustrations you use to bring your words to life. Thank you.


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