Listening time: 8 minutes.

Enjoy this celebration of a favourite book by a favourite author about a favourite poet. 

Nicolson’s homage to Homer is a highly original take on the Iliad and the Odyssey, also providing fresh insights into the nature and continuing relevance of epic. 

If you’ve already enjoyed Homer, I believe it will give you new ideas to mull over.  If you haven’t, the beautiful, vivid writing could encourage you to embark on an epic journey.  I hope that my tribute to Nicolson will in turn inspire you to read both his book and Homer’s.  

The written text of this podcast is available here, together with links to buy the book.

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Review - Adam Nicolson - Mighty Dead

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Homer will enlarge your life. Homer is on a scale that stretches across human time and the full width of the human heart. Homer is alive in anyone who is prepared to attend. Homerity is humanity …

Why another book about Homer?  Why go for a walk? Why set sail? Why dance? Why exist?


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