A kind reader suggested recording some longer pieces, such as book reviews, allowing busy people who can still snatch free moments on trams or buses, to tune in.  It also makes it easier to share ‘slow’ quotations which might look daunting if presented in a sweeping stretch of text.  Enjoy, and thank you for listening!

On living forever

On living forever

Welcome to the WritingRedux podcast! This long and winding quotation enchanted me to the extent that I wrote it out by hand some 20-30...

Thank you for these wonderful podcasts Béatrice. Apart from the joy in the writing with its images and sentiments, it’s lively to hear your voice, which is an excellent story-telling voice that is lovely to listen to. You are a natural seanchaí (Irish for story-teller).

As Eva rightly says, time is an issue for me, and to be honest, at the end of a day, concentration span is too. These podcasts enable me to enjoy writing redux as I gaze out the window of the train and watch the landscape go by.

I look forward to the next podcasts.

Wishing you a lovely September.

Tanya Strevens


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