A question that resonates strongly today as we become accustomed to new tropes such as ‘alternative facts’.  Erasmus’ masterpiece, first published in 1515, still has an astonishing freshness and relevance.

‘And let me tell you, fools have another gift which is not to be despised.  They’re the only ones who speak frankly and tell the truth, and what is more praiseworthy than truth?’

Source: Desiderius Erasmus (c. 1466-1536), Praise of Folly, trans. Betty Radice, 56


  1. Anna Aarts

    May I copy the image and the translation,
    for my writing of ‘St. Nicholas and Black Peter’ book ?

    • beatriceotto

      Dear Anna,

      Many thanks for asking and glad to know the quotation is apt and that you like the image. Yes, please use both, but if I could simply ask that you credit A) the original quotation reference and B) the link to the WritingRedux website.

      And do let me know when your book is ready, I’m curious.

      Kind regards,

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