I like the notion that a confined physical space need not impede vast thought.  It reminds me of an injunction I read decades ago, in which the headmaster of Joseph Needham, the great scholar of Chinese science and civilization, told the then schoolboy to ‘Think spaciously, my boy, think spaciously’.

Wishing you a spacious and ranging mind, whatever the square footage around you.

‘Breathing heavily, he began to climb the stairs.  Then, as he walked into Yevgenia’s little room he said: ‘Hm, there isn’t much space for my body.  Perhaps there’ll be lots of space for my thoughts.’’

Source: Life and Fate, Vasily Grossman; trans. Robert Chandler (New York: New York Review Books, 2006 (1985)), p. 133

Photo credit: Engin_Akyurt at pixabay.com


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