One of the features of postal correspondence is its slowness, probably a key contributor to its slow demise, though perhaps one of its endearing aspects, if you allow it.  I was therefore intrigued by the role of letters in the branding and communications of an exclusive Italian fashion event, Alta Moda, designed to compete with Paris by being different in its approach.

To impress upon its impressive customers – used to instant gratification – that this isn’t a fast-paced place, staff insist that any enquiries between shows be sent by letter. Not email, but letter. It seems to add to the aura of exclusivity.

‘Between shows, clients who want to communicate with Alta Moda staff about their orders are asked to do so by letter. “The designers really insist on this to show whomever comes into this world that it is a slow experience, step-by-step, and not something that can be rushed. At the beginning people were ‘oh, but we have to write you an email’, but we resisted that.”’

Source: Luke Leitch, ‘The frock-star treatment’, 1843, Oct-Nov 2016, p. 77

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