A wonderful analysis of Communism and why it didn’t quite add up for this Romanian farmer, as described by Donald Hall who travelled in Romania in the 1930s, living and working alongside Romanian peasants and farmers.


‘Now suppose you have two cows,’ he said.  ‘You keep one yourself and give the rest to the community.  Do you understand?’

‘Yes, that is excellent,’ answered old Naie.

‘If you have four horses, you keep two and give two to the community.’

‘Yes, that is very good.’

‘If you have six pigs, you keep three and give three to the community.’

‘That is good too.’

‘And if you have eight sheep, you keep four and give four to the community.’

Naie shook his head.  ‘Oh, no, that is not good.’  Then the Bolshevik became angry and said he was stupid because he had agreed when he had asked him about the horses, the cows, and the pigs.

‘That is so,’ said Naie, ‘since I have no horses, cows or pigs, but I have many sheep.’


Source: Donald Hall, Romanian Furrow (London: Bene Factum Publishing, 2007), p. 162


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