Let me remember this the next time I wonder what chance there is of persuading anyone to fund ambitious cultural projects of global reach. Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) dreamed, designed and delivered. The patrons and sponsors coughed up. Voilà.

This comment on his powers of persuasion was spotted at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza which was the result.  And was it worth the patrons’ money?  Here’s a verdict on the inaugural performance.

Il Palladio persuase a questi signori academici che avendo a recitare comedie, tragedie e altri tali diletti edificassero all’antica usanza dei Greci e Romani un teatro.


(Palladio persuaded these Academicians that having to stage comedies, tragedies and other such entertainments they should build a theater in the ancient Greek and Roman style.)

Source: Filippo Pigafetta in a letter, 4th March 1585, quoted at the Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza

Photo - Teatro Olimpico - Vicenza


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