Of course, playing more with a view to working better isn’t going about it in the right spirit.  But play more, yes, and incidentally you’ll probably work better. You won’t be as stressed, your imagination will limber up, you might even do a bit of laughing, which shakes everything up. And you’ll make some child, small or grown up, happy.

So, get up and leave your computer and go and play. On the other hand, if you consider reading this website ‘play’, I will take that as a great compliment.

‘Parents should play much more with their children.  Because people who can’t play can’t be much good at their work either.’

Source: Boy (11), quoted in The Creative Brain, Ned Herrmann.  North Carolina: The Ned Herrmann Group, 1995, p. 289

Photo credit: Mi PHAM, unsplash.com


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