One bitingly cold morning I was crossing a square in central Liverpool, and noticed some words on the ground.  I followed them, and discovered a fluid, limpid elegy to water and its relationship to a coastal city, circumnavigating the square.  I love when words are part of the structure of a place, embedded, engraved, belonging.  By Roger McGough, here it is.


water is fountainous is gymnast is flash

water is mountainous is scallywag is splash

water is mysterious is playhouse is dream

water is serious is stargazy is stream

water is humorous is teardrop is serenade

water is curious is careless is cavalcade

water is sumptuous is rainbow is ecstatic

water is tempestuous is babyface is erratic

water is curvaceous is shipshape is piggyback

water is flirtatious is scatterbrain is paddywack

water is mischieveous is fidgety is chatterbox

water is Liverpool is river is paradox


Source: Roger McGough, inscribed on a square in Liverpool

Photo credit: Samuel Scrimshaw,

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  1. Liberty

    water is cyclical is snow globe is flow
    water is clandestine is shadowed man is glow
    water is cunning is puma is portent
    water is decisive is train tracks is intent


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