A cheerily rhyming analysis of the difference between ‘poetry’ and ‘verse’.  I may have managed a few verses here and there among a number of ditties, but nothing that has passed this test and so qualifies as poetry.

Copyright: Bill Stanton, www.billstanton.co.uk and D.M. Stanton, J.A. Hughes-Jones, A.K. Stanton

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A response

Just this once

To one, who in a manner rather terse

Wanted to know the difference between poetry and verse:



Covers the whole gamut from superb to very much worse;

Poetry, since it would seem that one must be equally terse,

Is also verse,

But verse which (rhyme or no rhyme)

Has passed the test of discrimination acclaim and time.


So, until your verse has (and you will never know it),

DON’T, please, call yourself a POET! 

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