I love these passing human vignettes which an author could easily edit out for not being central to the story, though they provide much of its texture and richness.  Sometimes a few lines mentioning or quoting an individual become the only written record of them beyond their epitaph.

In the meantime, don’t stand in Bullet’s way.

‘I have spoken to a member of its crew, Bullet Cunningham.  (‘Why is he called Bullet?’ I asked a neighbour.  ‘Because standing in his way was never thought to be that good an idea.’)’

See also the quote rich mosaic review of this magnificent, entrancing book: a love letter to islands and a paean to the sea. 


Source: Adam Nicolson, Sea Room: An Island Life (London: Harper Collins, 2013 (2002)), p. 328

Photo credit: stevepb at pixabay.com


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