I liked the honesty of Hall’s admission of hypocrisy and am sorry to report that I know the feeling.  Morally, rationally, I would, should, probably, be a vegetarian, and can happily go without meat for relatively long periods.  But give it up all together? 

Yes, but not yet, to borrow Augustine’s formula. 

For other porcine quotations, see Thoreau’s involved tail of a pig’s bid for freedom, and George Eliot on squealing or living like pigs.

‘This was followed by a sucking pig.  It came on to the table whole, half an apple in its mouth, a blue bow on its forehead.  I felt sad till I began to eat it, and then my sorrow passed.’ 


Source: Donald Hall, Romanian Furrow (London: Bene Factum Publishing, 2007), p. 51

Photo credit: Cufflinks at pixabay.com


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