Timothy and his siblings run away from their strict grandmother and land, unwittingly, at their uncle’s place.  Ambrose is a dream uncle and a dream teacher, getting them educated by morning classwork and evening homework. 

But the afternoons are theirs to spend as they choose. Timothy has a scare when he senses this privilege may be taken away from him. It reminds me of the opposite feeling of heaven-sent liberty when school was occasionally cancelled, or we spontaneously decided that a walk across the snowy fields was better for our education than a classroom.

Trust you like the photo I found – he looks like a properly disgruntled Timothy fearful of being force-feducated.  

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‘For one awful moment Timothy thought he was to be educated in the middle of the afternoon.’ 


Source: Elizabeth Goudge, The Runaways (London: Hesperus Press, 2013), p.131

Photo credit: Victoria_Borodinova at pixabay.com


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