A charming insight into the levels of luxury which could be visited upon an upper echelon house guest in the early 20th century.  Will endeavour to emulate these standards once we move into our new home.

House-party guests were woken with tea and thinly sliced bread and butter in the morning and in each bedroom would be a tin of biscuits and a writing desk with blotter, headed writing paper, pen and ink, and a selection of books …


When guests left Holker they were given a little papier-mâché attaché case, with the most delicious things in it.  For each guest there were made-that-minute, feather-light scones stuffed with Morecambe Bay shrimps.  All the things were wrapped individually, and labelled.  And then inside the attaché case used to be put a label with stamps, so all you had to do was to shove the empty case into the nearest post office and post it back.

The little attaché case takes the biscuit.

Source: Lucy Lethbridge, Servants (London: Bloomsbury, 2013), p. 195


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