A tender description by the 19th century Portuguese writer, Eça de Queiros, of meeting the woman he would marry.

So there I was reflecting on my rock, reflecting out loud in a monologue as is usual for those who write novels, when a person who is quite perfect, and so kind, heard my complaints.  So now I can announce to you my dear Countesss my forthcoming marriage to the daughter of the Countess of Resende, Emilia de Castro.  

‘Reflecting on my rock…’, a lovely image of a lonely man.

Source: Eça de Queiros, Eça’s English Letters, trans. by Alison Aiken and Ann Stevens (Manchester: Carcanet, 2000), p. 143

Photo credit: portrait of Eça de Queiros (c. 1882), Photographia Contemporanea, In O Contemporâneo, nº 108, Lisboa [1882], p. 1 – Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal


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