Doing some research on architectural gems in my newly adopted ‘home town’, I came across this comment on the Barbarano Palace.   That aside in parentheses delighted me – Barbarano sounds like my kind of patron.  Note that his palace now houses the museum dedicated to his ruin-inducing architect.   

A marvellous building: one of Palladio’s finest palaces and the only one that he saw completed both as regards the architecture and decorations (causing the ruin of the patron, Montano Barbarano).

Now, anyone out there willing to ruin themselves to pay for my magnificent creations?  Four to choose from: WritingRedux, Nuannaarpoq, FoolsAreEverywhere, and SpyderCeleste.  Positive responses welcome, on a bankable cheque (or check), but only if honestly earned.  We don’t do laundry around here. 

Source: Palladio Museum website

Image credit: William Thomas, ‘Design for an Unidentifued House in the Palladian Style’, Yale Center for British Art (B1975.2.639)


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