This wonderfully apposite quotation by Joan Miró turned up in The Economist’s Espresso newsletter, apparently anticipating by decades this moment of isolation and quarantine.

I hope, wherever you are, and however much confined, that you have at least some visual access to the sun, a blade of grass and a passing dragonfly, and are able to spot the soul of things marvellous in grains of dust.

Stay well, be happy.

Wherever you are, you find the sun, a blade of grass, the spirals of the dragonfly. Courage consists of staying at home, close to nature, which could not care less about our disasters. Each grain of dust contains the soul of something marvellous.


Source: Joan Miró, quoted in The Economist Espresso, Monday 20th April 2020

Photo credit: Lolame and liggraphy at pixabay


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