Yes, you can find a thousand things more urgent than writing, or at least more insistent. Writing for this and other websites takes precedence over a series of children’s stories I have begun. Blogs have a rhythm or schedule, books are open-ended. I find time for the blogs, whereas the stories, bar notebooks full of ideas, places, names, snatches of dialogue and a great deal of mental time and space, somehow get parked more readily in ‘tomorrow’.

The way around it is to demarcate a half or full day to story-writing and go to a different place.  I have a few such context-shifting havens: libraries or cafés.

And you?


‘and there’s always something more pressing

than to sit and dream and wait and write.’


Source: ‘A Quiet Mind’, Kevin Crossley-Holland,The Breaking Hour (London: Enitharmon Press, 2015), p. 59

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