Dante anticipated the age in which we are drowned in facts, fake and otherwise.  Note his observation of our being overwhelmed by it, written in the 14th century.  Wonder what he would make of the endless bombardments of information now.   

‘Overwhelmed with such a flood

Of fact, our speech and memory can stand

Only so much.’  (Inferno, Canto 28)

See also our illustrated quote-rich celebration of Dante’s Divine Comedy in Clive James’ entrance-lation. 

Source: Dante,The Divine Comedy, trans. Clive James (New York: Liveright Publishing, 2013), p. 134

Photo credit: terimakasih0 at pixabay.com


  1. Susan Heney

    A lovely use of terimakasihO on Pixabay photo….Sadly, he passed away, suddenly before Christmas 2019. It pleased him when others showed appreciation for his photography and/or writing.
    We were very close, dear friends who chatted often…..Am still grieving the loss of his ‘tea time’ morning messages. Am not familiar w/this writing/blog site, though. Maybe I’ll join to find out more. Hope that its ok to share your photo/quote to my site (only for me to see) As it is one written during his last year w/him in the earthly realm. I am also a writer, musician, mother who wanted to express my gratitude for your artistic expression

    • beatriceotto

      Many thanks for your thoughtful message Susan. I am sorry he passed away, but am glad to be able to use the perfect image he shared on pixabay. Also appreciate your kind comments about WritingRedux, and would be delighted if you were to sign up.
      With best wishes, Beatrice

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