On his long trek across some of the remoter regions of Afghanistan, Rory Stewart found himself being presented as having a range of professions. Here the man introducing him is equally indifferent to accuracy in describing his religion and becomes baffled by his assertion that he is Christian rather than Jewish.

His two Afghan interlocutors then resolve the problem by concluding he is clearly some type of Muslim and as such, could marry their daughters.


‘What religion is he?’

‘He’s a Jahdui – a Jew,’ said Dr Habibullah.

‘No, no – I’m an Esawi – a Christian.’

Dr Habibullah turned around, looked at me and then said to his friend, ‘I can’t work this out – is there a difference?’ …


‘That man was a mullah,’ said Dr Habibullah.  ‘He said you can marry our daughters – you are a type of Muslim.’


Source: Rory Stewart, The Places in Between (London: Picador, 2014), p. 144-45

Photo credit: ArmyAmber at pixabay


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