Beautiful description of the limpid, seductive eyes of the gorgeous-ghastly goddess Hera, wife of God, with whom she tussles and wheedles to be able to destroy whom she hates most, and she seems to hate pretty much everybody.  Occasionally he lets himself be drawn into negotiations, at other times he just tells her to put a sock in it.  In one of their pillow talks, he cedes to her the right to destroy Troy, to which he is partial, in return for his being able to choose three Greek cities to be razed at his leisure.  Yes, in this pantheon, our fates are as randomly, casually determined as this. This agreed, they settle down for the night.  Lovely.


And soon, beside his lake-eyed queen,

God lay asleep beneath the glamorous night.


Source: Christopher Logue, War Music, London: Faber and Faber, 2001, p. 42

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