My heart also expands at the spring-time welcome of where I live and where I visit.  Here, the detail of Nicolson’s account roots the welcome in the Shiants, and I particularly revel in the ‘big, luscious chamomile’ and the ‘flowering cushions of newness’.

May you walk on, rest on, such cushions whenever you need.


‘My heart expands at the Shiants’ spring-time welcome.  On the bigger Galtas, where there are now no sheep to graze, the sea mayweed, which is like big, luscious chamomile, and the thrift, the sea campion and the rock rose have erupted into flowering cushions of newness.’


See also a quote-rich mosaic review of this magnificent, entrancing book: a love letter to islands and a paean to the sea. 


Source: Adam Nicolson, Sea Room: An Island Life (London: Harper Collins, 2013 (2002)), p. 130

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