Apt use of the kiln as a metaphor to describe the thought process of the man who first created porcelain in...


May you be ever spared barked slogans. ‘Images pass, as brief as barked slogans.’

Source: Edmund de Waal, The White Road (London: Chatto...


Try it, say ‘negligible’ slowly and see what a crumbly, negligible word it is.

‘His assets are negligible, a word...


What a magnificent description of the cracked coastline of a broken plate!

‘… breaks the plate into shards. The glaze...


You can see this magnificent creature's breathing sheen.

‘His surfaces oscillate like the breathing flank of some thoroughbred animal.’



A vision of whiteness brought into relief through contrast with non-whiteness, rendering everything else mere shadow.

‘It is becoming his obsession,...

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