For most of Banffy’s Transylvanian Trilogy, Julie Ladossa is a vanished ghost of a woman, who left her husband and son for nobody quite knew what reason.  Her husband committed suicide and her son ended up a wreck, partly perhaps due to the lack of anchoring love in his life.

Then out of the blue, his greatest friend happens to meet her, and discovers she has lived with endless regret.

‘But Julie Ladossa had spoken to him in that passionate voice, that voice which came from somewhere deep inside her soul; that voice in which could be heard the echo of many years of guilt and remorse, of more than two decades of sorrow and humble acknowledgement of her own fault, and in those half-strangled tones he had recognized the force of her living tragedy.’


Source: Miklos Banffy, They Were Divided, trans. Patrick Thursfield and Katalin Banffy-Jelen (London: Arcadia Books, 2001 (1940)), p. 273


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