One goddess you should never cross, quick to rouse to wrath and terrible in her exactions. Divinely, drop-dead gorgeous, of course.

There are several heart- prefixed triologisms in Homer, emphasizing the human pain, terror and sorrow of war and hostility; see, for example, Hector’s description of the hatred between him and Ajax.

Here the effect is of freezing the heart; compare Charlotte Bronte’s equally frozen reaction. See also the bestellar reviews, complete with rich quote-mosaics, of Adam Nicolson’s magnificent Why Homer Matters, and Christopher Logue’s War Musica muscular rendition of several books of the Iliad. 


‘And across her shoulders she threw the betassled, terrible

aegis, all about which Terror hangs like a garland,

and Hatred is there, and Battle Strength, and heart-freezing Onslaught

and thereon is set the head of the grim gigantic Gorgon,

a thing of fear and horror, portent of Zeus of the aegis.’


Source: Homer, The Iliad of Homer, trans. Richmond Lattimore (Chicago: Chicago UP, 1961 (1951)), book 5, p. 148


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