A fine triologism and, for me, a new word, clearly demonstrating that I don’t mix in adequately aristocratic circles. A sabretache is a small leather satchel suspended by a strap from the sword-belt of a cavalry officer. Of course. I particularly like the corrupt form found in an 1812 manuscript letter: zappadash.

The image is of a hussar officer of the Duchy of Warsaw in 1807, sporting his sabretache / zappadash, emblazoned with the white eagle of Poland.

Those were the days.

Source: Lajos Zilahy, Century in Scarlet (London: Prion, 2001), p. 5

Image credit: wikipedia.org – a depiction of a hussar officer (painting by Jan Chełmiński in 1807) of the army of the Duchy of Warsaw in 1807. His sabretache is suspended below his sabre and behind his left leg. It is emblazoned with the White Eagle of Poland


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