Pithy, evocative imagery in three-legged microcosms of meaning.  Having coined the term ‘triologism’ I believe this to be the only collection of these tum-tee-tum phrases in the universe.  Updated Tuesdays … triologism day!  

Tide-swayed fronds

An otter's eye view of the world, with its human connections and its human-free watery paradise.

Maxwell's classic account of...

Cormorant-haunted castle

An abandoned fortress, occupied only by cormorants.  No wonder, the human inhabitants probably fled an atmosphere described as the 'architecture...

Age-long silt

Time flowing and settling in sand and sediment, steadily accreting new landscapes.

'As the river grew older, so the meadows...

Blue-black vault

Lopez uses vivid and spare language to describe the equally spare beauty of the Arctic.  I liked this image.

‘Blue-black vault...

Rum-sodden slumbers

How many slumbers are rum or other spirit-sodden, giving the sleeper refuge from the morning's hangover?  Apologies to all sober...

Lake-eyed queen

Beautiful description of the limpid, seductive eyes of the gorgeous-ghastly goddess Hera, wife of God, with whom she tussles and...

Caique-dwelling tom

Leigh Fermor's Mani has a fine selection of memorable cats.  I liked this description of the limited gene pools of...

Hunger-making smell

An undertow of this animal life-loving adventure is hunger.  We must be one of the few species having a significant...

Sun-splashy ripples

You can feel the warmth of a summer day with diaphanous wings darting over glittering ripples.

'She heard the rustling...

Sawyer-like strain

Having always associated 'sawyer' with Tom of the same name, it never occurred to me that, like many surnames, it...

Dish-shaped paws

Lopez writes of the animals he encounters in the Arctic with great respect and sensitivity, quietly questioning the distances of...

Lemon-coloured light

A warming, bright but not dazzling light, and streaming through gaps in snow-clouds too.

'The sky was loosening and lemon-coloured...

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  1. B.G. Simons

    Interesting! Your triologisms remind me of the two-word kennings in Beowulf.


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