Pithy, evocative imagery in three-legged microcosms of meaning.  Having coined the term ‘triologism’ I believe this to be the only collection of these tum-tee-tum phrases in the universe.  Updated Tuesdays … triologism day!  

Bright-tinted shrubs

Autumn alights with bright-tinted shrubs.  And yes, you need to be on the alert to perceive their full beauty.


Brown-bronze wood frog

Thoreau seems even more partial to frogs than to fungi, and observes them with tremendous patience and sympathy.  I liked...

Strategic consideration

The wild card of ancient Greek military planning was the existence and randomness of divine intervention. You never knew which...

Black-coiffed crone

An ancient if none too respectful image of elderly and slightly sinister women.  However, their manifest suffering from sea-sickness removes...

Sea-like sound

I like the description of a sound in the trees resembling the sea; land and water confounded.


Tree-tufted islands

Trees as tufts - trying to imagine how they would look.  I imagine wind-blown short trees, dwarfed and compacted by...

Lead-coloured cloud

This ‘lead-covered’ cloud symbolises the mood of the family as they approach the ‘grim North’, and soon they smell the...

Hollowed-out pineapples

Having had refreshing cool drinks out of hollowed-out coconuts, I like hearing of the equivalent in pineapples, and of course,...

Shock-headed flowers

Two lovely names for a dandelion-daisy-ish yellow flower with spokes poking out like a leafy wheel.

'The shock-headed flowers of...

Ocean-grey eyes

A lovely description of a woman's eyes but a woman who has a certain transparence to her, not a particularly...

Seneca the Stoic

Erasmus' triologism to describe Seneca as a dyed in the wool Stoic.  I prefer the alliteration of 'double-dyed'.

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Marmaduke’s realm

The kitchen is the domain of Marmaduke Scarlet, together with the stone-vaulted larder where he stashes his culinary supplies.  This...

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  1. B.G. Simons

    Interesting! Your triologisms remind me of the two-word kennings in Beowulf.


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