A bassinette (generally spelled ‘bassinet’) was an oblong wicker basket with a hood at one end, used as a cradle or a pram.  Virginia Woolf has them decorating a statue with out-of-control Victorian ornamentation.

Crystal Palace was a real glass palace, built by the Victorians for the Great Exhibition of 1851.  To give you an idea of their sense of proportion, half the vast building was dedicated to show-casing undoubted Victorian brilliance, and the other half to show-casing whatever the rest of the world could come up with to compete.  Crystal Palace burned down in the 1930s and I knew a man who as a boy saw great globs of molten glass land in his garden as the thing exploded into flame.

‘Draped about a vast cross of fretted and floriated gold were widow’s weeds and bridal veils; hooked on to other excrescences were crystal palaces, bassinettes, military helmets…’

Source: Virginia Woolf, Orlando, ed. Rachel Bowlby, Oxford: World’s Classics, 1992, p. 222 and note on p. 334

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