This seems to mean something like smoothing out and folding linen, though it would baffle people now.

‘Mary walked to Ambleside for letters, it was a wearisome walk for the snow lay deep upon the Roads & it was beginning to thaw.  I stayed at home & clapped the small linen.’  Monday 21 December 1801

See the quote-mosaic review of this enchanting journal by a vibrant, life-loving woman.


Source: Dorothy Wordsworth, The Grasmere and Alfoxden Journals, ed. and introduction by Pamela Woof (Oxford: Oxford World’s Classics, 2008 (2002)), p. 49


  1. Anonymous

    Love the Dorothy Wordsworth books. Was reading it again when I saw the word ‘clapping’ and googled it. The book
    referred to came up to the one I was reading.

    • beatriceotto

      Glad you enjoyed the books, she is a wonderful writer (and person)!

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