Another and charming word for ‘daffodils’, which are also more commonly referred to as ‘daffs’.

“Crocuses an’ snowdrops an’ daffydowndillys.  Has tha’ never seen them?”


Source: Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden, illus. Inga Moore (London: Walker Books, 2009) (1911), p. 74


  1. Merrybell

    My Father used to use this description for daffodils, the younger members of the family are bemused and amused with this description. We have looked up this, thinking there’s no such word, but lo and behold, there’s many,

    • beatriceotto

      Thank you Merrybell, great to know of someoe who used this charming word. It deserves to be revived, so I hope the younger members of the family will now keep it in mind and even pass it on. It’s the season now, so I hope you have plenty of daffdowndillies around! Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

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