A portmanteau word created by Virginia Woolf, apparently combining ‘scroll’ and ‘lollop’ to describe heavy, florid ornament, or a rambling mode of speech, namely, ‘proceeding in involutions, rambling’.

‘For when he tore the parchment across, he tore, in one rending, the scrolloping, emblazoned scroll which he had made out in his own favour in the solitude of his room appointing himself, as the King appoints Ambassadors, the first poet of his race, the first writer of his age …. Eloquent as this all was, he now tore it up and threw it in the dustbin.’

Source: Virginia Woolf, Orlando, ed. Rachel Bowlby, Oxford: World’s Classics, 1992, p. 100, also 220, and note on p. 324-5.

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